School Policies

D&E Driving School Policies

No lessons, transfers, or refunds will be issued for unused classes or BTW lessons after a student’s 18th birthday.



Full payment or the first payment of the payment plan must be paid before the student’s first day of class

Students must be on time for class. Late arrivals will not be allowed to attend and early departures will not receive credit for that lesson. No exceptions.

Students should bring a pencil/pen, notebook, and driver’s manual (received on first day) each day to class. There is a $20 charge for a replacement manual.

Cell phone or headphone use during the class lecture is prohibited. Students will be asked to leave class for repeat offenses.

Students participating in offensive, disrespectful or disruptive behavior towards the class instructor, school staff, or other students will be asked to leave class. Students will be asked to leave the school without a refund for more than one occurrence.

Students are responsible for any damage they cause to the driving school property, whether intentional or accidental, and may be asked to leave the school without a refund.

Students that miss or are removed from a class may make it up the next time that lesson is offered.

Students must complete all ten 3-hour classes, be enrolled in behind-the-wheel, and be paid in full or have the 2nd payment made in order to receive their blue card. A Letter of Completion will be issued to students not completing behind-the-wheel training with D&E.


There is a $50 cancellation fee for any missed or cancelled BTW lesson without a 24-hour notice.
This includes missing or expired permits.
Lessons can be cancelled online or by voicemail at 763-785-1440.

Student accounts must be paid in full to schedule a BTW lesson.

Students under 18 must have their permit and 10 hours of driving practice completed before scheduling a BTW lesson.

Disrespectful behavior towards a driving instructor during a behind-the-wheel lesson will result in the lesson ending and the student will be asked to leave the school without a refund.

No lessons or refunds will be issued for unused BTW lessons after a student’s 18th birthday. Students wishing to continue BTW training can enroll and pay adult pricing. All payments made prior to their 18th birthday are forfeited and cannot be applied to adult lessons.

The summer months are every driving school’s busiest time. In order to avoid scheduling issues, it is highly recommended that students schedule at least two BTW lessons during the school year. Plan ahead and don’t procrastinate! We DO NOT guarantee the completion of a student’s BTW requirements for a road test scheduled less than 30 days in advance. Did you know that BTW lessons are an excused absence for most schools?

Road tests can only be scheduled online with the DMV up to 30 days in advance. Students must complete all three BTW lessons BEFORE they schedule a road test.

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